Hamara Karachi Festival


Posted on: April 6, 2007

Beginning of the year is probably the best time to celebrate and own whatever we possess and why not to own Karachi — the city that is providing us livelihood besides possessing a rich socio-cultural, economical and political past and present. Karachi is one city that has more artisans, intellectuals, sports personalities and creative individuals that the eye sees or the mind registers. And that way, holding ‘Hamara Karachi’ is a wonderful idea. Karavan Karachi Festival initiated by Yasmin Lari carried out the campaign of preserving and celebrating some historic buildings. She always emphasises that this city needs to understand its heritage. While showing the maps of different areas of the city at the launch of Karavan Karachi she said, “we are surrounded by high-rise concrete match boxes and no open spaces. We need to make the city livable and provide a historical environment that the people can be proud of.”

‘Hamara Karachi’ also started with the celebration of the platinum jubilee of the KMC building while reaching out to a variety of events. The celebration and preservation of old building, that has started now should be continued in the long future. Standing tall with grace, the old buildings are legacies of an expression handed to one generation from other. The sad part is that brick by brick the beautiful buildings of Karachi are being demolished to satisfy the commercial lust of our rootless builder barons.

The best part observed in ‘Hamara Karachi’ has been the involvement of the people of the city specially the younger generation. The never ending list of events chalked out for the festival ranging from theatre, music, food, heritage, literature, film, art and other mini-festivals demonstrating the importance and vitality of this city has so far been successfully accomplished. And the best part among all of this celebration is that the festival is open to each and every citizen of the city and is just not restricted to few affluent.


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