Hamara Karachi Festival

Hearts out for ‘Hamara Karachi’

Posted on: April 6, 2007

Karachiites are looking forward to a much brighter and more affluent year 2007. Taking this into account, the City District Government Karachi (CDGK) has initiated a very successful and much appreciated campaign ‘Hamara Karachi’. The programme, which was initially planned to celebrate the platinum jubilee of the old KMC building, has turned into a huge festival. Being one of its kind, the festival has gained a lot of attention and much consideration by all segments of Karachi’s population. The festival depicts a positive and softer image of Karachi, besides attempting to revive the culture and history of the city. It has also provided a platform of unity for people belonging to various sects, caste and creed

Nothing could have been much better than ‘Hamara Karachi’ festival after all what Karachiites faced in the year 2006. Broken roads, the aftermath of the rains, the traffic mess, power failures, law and order situation, the never-ending construction of flyovers and underpasses were enough to wreck the nerves of the citizens.

Thanks to 2007 that the year started off with lots of hustle-bustle across the city putting an end to the entire twinge, which the citizens faced last year. The festival has enhanced all the brighter sides of Karachi and has brought people belonging to different culture, languages and classes to the one and only identity of being a Karachiite. With lights, posters and banners, one can see something happening in each Town of the city. Apart from this, it is an opportunity to highlight the socio-cultural characteristics that can play an imperative role in the development of the metropolis.

The campaign kicked off from January 6, 2007 and will end its journey on January 18. It embraced about 54 events to take place at different locations in the city. Though, the programme is the brainchild of CDGK, its officials term it as an event organised by the people for the people of Karachi.

Out of the so far 54 events the eye catching and thrilling ones were:

Platinum Jubilee of old KMC building

A colourful display of fireworks was the most spectacular event held at the old KMC building. The Karachi Municipal Corporation (KMC) Building is one of the many historic buildings located at M. A. Jinnah road and has evolved an iconic status as one of the landmark structures of Karachi. The foundation stone for the KMC Building was laid in 1927, construction was completed in 1930, followed by the inauguration in 1932. On January 07, 2007, CDGK decided to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the Building. On this occasion the building went through a massive renovation project, which included repairing of the Clock tower.

Music for everybody

Karachi seems to be lucky when we talk about music as it has got a lot of fantastic voices. The popular singers because of their excellent vocals have fans spread all over the city. ‘Hamara Karachi’ provided a chance to all those fans, who were unable to attend their favourite concerts due to assorted reasons. Concerts by Rahim Shah in Malir on January 8 and in Orangi Town on January 12, Najam Shiraz in Baldia Town on January 11 and Strings at Shah Faisal on January 13 gave an opportunity to young and old alike to see and listen to these rocking stars performing live in front of them. 16 students of Ismaili Hunza Band, led by Nisar and Azmat Ali played lovely tunes at the premises of the old KMC Building. No one ever imagined of attending Opera performance in Karachi but ‘Hamara Karachi’ actually made it happen on January 12, while letting the citizens know that every entertainment is possible to happen in Karachi.

Theatre comes to Karachi

Historical and traditional theatres are losing their importance in Karachi and in order to revive its significance, a stage play entitled ‘Azadi Kay Mujrim’ started on January 9 in connection with ‘Hamara Karachi’ festival at Khaliq Dina Hall. The play details out the trial of Maulana Mohammad Ali Jauhar and his comrades. The Khilafat Movement, forbidding Muslims to be enrolled in the British army, had carried out the trial in 1921 in Karachi in the wake of adoption of a resolution. Under the trial Maulana Muhammad Ali, Shaukat Ali, Husain Ahmad Madni and three others had been awarded two years rigorous imprisonment. The stage play has veteran artists including Munawwar Saeed (acted as Maulana Mohammad Ali Jauhar), Qazi Wajid, Mahmood Ali, Gulab Chandio, Malik Anokha and M. Warsi. The theatre show would continue everyday till Jan 18 at the same venue.

Food on the streets

How can Karachiites miss out on food. Apart from entertainment, food has also been an area of great concern for people of this city and thus all the streets having various eating outlets decided to turn them into Food Streets for a week. The mouth-watering continental, Chinese and Italian are equally enjoyable in addition to the popular fast food. Food Street is a perfect outing for families during the ‘Hamara Karachi’ festival as one can see both the bunches of males and females sitting and eating till midnight in a congenial and friendly environment without worrying for anything else than just to enjoy food.


Karwaan-e-Karachi: A podium for children

Children are like radiant stars for every nation and efforts should be made to educate or endow them with passable knowledge. And to fill this gap Karawaan-e-Karachi, a children festival was arranged at the KMC building on January 14 under the auspices of ”Hamara Karachi” giving an opportunity to the children of this city to learn as well as to enjoy the day as it is predestined for them.

Karachi — a mini-nursery of cricket

Sports are an integral part of most of the celebrations in society. ‘Hamara Karachi’ festival is no exception in this regard. The festivities are marked by a considerable number of sports activities and events like cricket, badminton, tennis, boxing, donkey cart and cycle race. Some indoor sports like carom, snooker and table tennis took place on a smaller scale. Since cricket is the most popular game in Pakistan as also in Karachi, which is called the mini-nursery of cricket in entire Asia. Yes, the match between Showbiz Eleven and City Naib Nazim Eleven at National Stadium Karachi enthralled all the attendants. It was a double joy for the spectators, as on the one hand, they got a glimpse of their favourites showbiz personalities on the field, and other hand, it was well-played and good scoring encounter, which can be gauged from the fact that a total of around 350 runs were scored by both the teams. The added charm of the match was that it was played under floodlight in somewhat chilly weather. Speaking at the prize distribution ceremony, City Nazim Syed Mustafa Kamal said that the ‘Hamara Karachi’ festival is aimed at instilling harmony among Karachiites and bridging the gap between different segments of society through interactive activities like sports. “Hamara Karachi literally means ‘Our Karachi’ and everyone living here is a Karachiite irrespective of his class and creed and should react in a similar way,” he added.


2nd Science Teaching seminar

The ‘2nd Science Teaching and Competition’ seminar was held at a local hotel in coordination with CDGK, Happy Home Secondary School and Concordia Forum of UK. Besides Karachi, the teachers of 45 schools of other cities had set up 45 stalls at the seminar, where practical demonstrations on various scientific subjects including Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Information Technology were carried out. It was stressed by the Naib Nazim that instead of hotels, scientific seminars and workshops should be organised at places, which are accessible to common people specially to students of government schools, who could benefit from scientific information. She described attainment of Information Technology as need of the hour and said that CDGK is paying special attention to it.


Painting the city with colours

With reference to ‘Hamara Karachi’ celebrations, a painting competition was held among street children near Gizri Progressive School under the aegis of Majmua Art Gallery in which over 50 children took part. Of the total number of paintings, 50 were selected and displayed at Children Festival held on January 13 and 14 at KMC Building.


Film fiesta

The trend of going to cinema to watch a movie has been set forth and now various steps can be taken to assure that this drift does not fades out. In this context, film festival for three days has been arranged to keep the cinemagoers entertained. Different movies are shown free, at nine cinema houses. Free passes/tickets could be obtained from UC Nazims.


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