Hamara Karachi Festival

Hamara Karachi Festival

Posted on: April 6, 2007

Nov 28: Sindh Governor Dr Ishratul Ibad on Tuesday announced plans to organise a platinum jubilee festival of the City District Council building (old KMC Building) on completing 75 years in January 2007. The celebrations named ‘Hamara Karachi’ (Our Karachi) will start from January 7 in all 18 towns of the city and peak with three days of central festivities to be held in the old KMC building premises on January 16, 17, and 18 before its grand final on the 20th, he added.

Governor Ibad, who was addressing a press conference along with Naib Nazim of the City District Nasreen Jalil in the Darbar Hall of the Govenor’s House, said the festival would help to further boost the image of Karachi and Pakistan. He suggested the festival be made an annual feature and it is turned into an affair that becomes the identity of Sindh. He pointed out that by mid-January the on-going development work on three flyovers, three under-passes and the renovated Kothari Parade and Bin Qasim Park in Clifton would be completed and be ready for inauguration by President Musharraf.

The Governor said that the festival, which would be spread over a fortnight, colourful events would include the display of unique products of all districts like bangles from Hyderabad, tiles and woodwork from Hala and etc to introduce these products to people who did nor have an opportunity to visit other districts. On this occasion heritage and historic buildings would be illuminated. He said the sea festival would also be revived to make it a regular annual feature of the city.

Giving details of the festivities plan Naib Nazim Nasreen Jalil said that the purpose of commemoration of the festival was to project the identity of Karachi and introduce the culture of the people who were living and settled here and create harmony and love among them and also highlight culture and civilisation of different people who had made the city their home. She pointed out that although each one of us living in the city had a sense that Karachi was his own city but there was need to project this feeling.

The Naib Nazim said President Musharraf had appreciated the idea of “Hamara Karachi” festival and agreed to participate in the celebrations. She said the festival was not the show of any particular institution, city or provincial government but of all Karachiites who had joined hands to beautify the city and project a good image of Karachi abroad.

She said a special cell had been set up to enrol the names of those citizens who wanted to participate in different competitions like poetry, paintings, posters, elocution competition, bands and musical events of the celebrations. A drama series, “Azadi Ka Mujrim” would also be staged for 10 days at Khaliqdina Hall in which the back ground of the trail of Maulana Mohammad Ali Johar would be depicted.

Different competitions among students had begun in all government and private schools and selected students would participate in the festivities final competition. School bands would play at main arteries in all towns while special functions were being organised at the zoo and Safari Park for children besides a children festival in the old KMC building premises. Fireworks every night would also be a part of the festival. The traditional food centre, Burns Road, would be made more attractive by turning it into a fortnight food street.

She said the festival’s events would be sponsored by multi-national companies.


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